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Gray’s Anatomy: Past and Present

Gray’s Anatomy has been considered to be a landmark of medical literature ever since Drs. Henry Gray and H.V. Carter published the first edition in 1858. Still going strong in 2008, Elsevier celebrated the 150th anniversary of the work by publishing a 40th edition in both print and electronic formats.  The publication of a 41st… Read more »

Records from the Great Plague of London

Post contributed by Emily Bowden, Historical Collections Assistant at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library   In 1665 an unwelcome but not unfamiliar visitor stalked the streets of London, bringing with it widespread sickness, fear, and death. The Great Plague of London was the last major outbreak in a long string of bubonic plague epidemics… Read more »

New Historical Photographs Collection Now Available

Post contributed by Historical Collections Assistant, Emily Bowden Processing of the UVA Health System Marketing Communications collection (MS-68) was completed last month, and an online guide detailing the contents of the collection is now available through the Virginia Heritage database. At over 10 linear feet, this primarily image-based collection holds visual materials documenting the people,… Read more »

Online Medical Artifacts Collection Reaches 400 Images

  This week the UVA Online Medical Artifacts Collection was expanded to incorporate an additional 33 artifacts, bringing the total number of artifacts in the digital collection up to 400. The recent expansion showcases even more of the fascinating and unique items you can find at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, such as an… Read more »

Online Yellow Fever Collection has a New Home

Last week the Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever collection found a new home in the University of Virginia Library catalog (Virgo). The digital collection, which the University has hosted online for almost 15 years, is a rich archive that documents the history of how scientists discovered the vector for yellow fever in Cuba. By… Read more »

New Exhibit: Fabric of the Human Body

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library presents a new exhibit: The Fabric of the Human Body. Vesalius, a Renaissance anatomist, transformed the study of anatomy and medicine in Europe with his masterpiece De Humani Corporis Fabrica. The exhibit briefly recounts the life and… Read more »

That Dread Disease

Members of the public are invited to attend the opening of That Dread Disease: A History of Tuberculosis in Virginia, 1870-1920 in the main lobby of Claude Moore Health Sciences Library on Friday April 24, 2015 at 4:00 PM. That Dread Disease is a poster exhibit that explores the history of tuberculosis in Virginia during… Read more »

Hidden Medieval Manuscript Found in Library

Historical collections staff at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library have discovered two pages from a medieval European manuscript hidden among its rare books. The pages, which remain unidentified, were found when a University of Virginia medical student requested to view a book in the library that was printed in 1550. Staff members pulled the… Read more »

Library’s Medical Artifacts Now Online

Beginning this week, researchers will be able to view from the comfort of their homes some of the rare and unique medical artifacts housed at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library. A new online resource, the University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection, displays over 350 artifacts from the library that relate to the history of… Read more »

Andreas Vesalius Turns 500

From 12:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday, January 21 join us in the Jordan Hall Conference Center for the first Medical Center Hour Presentation of 2015, Celebrating Modern Anatomy’s Birthday: Andreas Vesalius Turns 500. Medical historian Luke Demaitre will describe the life and accomplishments of the famed Renaissance anatomist, Andreas Vesalius, and discuss his role in… Read more »