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From the Library Director: Looking Forward

Best wishes to everyone for 2016!  I like to say (frequently) that this Library is a “forward looking” library.  That is not to say that what we have done in the past or what we are currently doing is wrong or poorly done.  Quite the contrary.  However, as all of us know, we live in… Read more »

A Brief History of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

The history of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is directly linked to Thomas Jefferson, founder of the University in 1819. Mr. Jefferson personally selected the books for the University’s Library. He commissioned a Boston bookseller in 1825 to purchase $15,000 worth of books from Europe, numbering about 8,000 volumes, housed in the Rotunda. His… Read more »

Making Things Happen: An Exciting New Partnership Between CMHSL and PHS

We are thrilled with our new partnership with the library and hope our collaborative efforts address needs of our colleagues across the health system for more information about basic statistics and introductory research questions.  Research is a team science and our goal is to connect researchers with the expertise they need! – Ruth Gaare Bernheim… Read more »

Lights! Camera! Action! Videos!

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the Health Sciences Library maintained a large collection of video materials, mostly in magnetic tape formats now extinct: remember VHS, U-Matic, and Betamax tapes and the bulky equipment one needed to view them?  Fast forward to the present day and you will find none of these… Read more »

Where We Are Heading: The Continuing Evolution of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Gretchen Arnold, Library Director, writes about the continuing evolution of the Health Sciences Library. She has been the director of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library since 2005, and has been a health sciences librarian since 1975. Please feel free to contact Ms. Arnold at the email address below the article if you have any… Read more »

Flexing the Visual Muscle: Jason Bennett and Using Photoshop, iMovie, and Prezi

Jason Bennett, Technology in Education Consulting Assistant, at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, and UVA graduate in Comparative Religions, talks about his background in visual presentation as well as his role at the Health Sciences Library. Interviewer: How did you get involved in visual learning and presentation? Jason: It’s probably mostly genetics, as my… Read more »

Collaborations: SciDaC

Background: The Health Sciences Library has been collaborating with the Brown Science & Engineering Library to support data management needs of researchers. We interviewed Andrew Sallans, Head, Strategic Data Initiatives and the Scientific Data Consulting Group, Brown Science & Engineering Library, and Andrea Horne, Research & Data Services Manager, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, to… Read more »

“FIRST AID for the….” Test Prep E-Books Trial

The popular “First Aid” review books can now be studied online! The Library has arranged a 30-day trial for full access to McGraw-Hill’s First Aid E-Book collection. If you are studying for specialty board exams, prepping for third year clerkships, or preparing for this year’s Match – make sure you check out these First Aid… Read more »

Providing Library Services in Challenging Times

Like all other departments in the University, the Health Sciences Library has experienced budget reductions in state funding. Since 2008 and including the just recently announced 2.5% additional cut for this year, the Library’s budget has been decreased by $531,497. We are managing these cuts through a variety of strategies which include leaving positions open and reducing spending in other areas.

Simple Steps for Finding Journal Articles

What is one of the most commonly asked questions at the Library? How do I find a journal article!

The answer to this question is more complex in the digital age but the steps can be simple. The Library subscribes to both print and online journals.