Culture, Communication and Ethics in Healthcare

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Have you ever experienced a situation where you were unsure about the best way to approach a patient and family because of racial, ethnic, language or other cultural concerns? Guidance on these issues is a click away.

In support of clinical and curricular priorities for effective health communication with patients and families, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library hosts a website about Culture, Communication & Ethics In Healthcare.

The site gives links to information encompassing topics related to cultural competence, health literacy, ethics & moral distress, and patient safety.

Resources you will find on the site include:

  • Translation services and tools such as Spanish/English Phrase Charts
  • Hoo to Call – a quick guide to patient/family communication
  • Decedent Affairs website for information about postmortem care
  • Continuing Education courses for cultural competency and health literacy
  • Government and non-profit resources for innovations in care

For more information, contact Kelly Near, Hospital and Community Services Librarian at 924-1607 or

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