Introducing our Newest Librarian, Jeremy Bartczak

We are very pleased to welcome Jeremy Bartczak to the faculty of the Health Sciences Library. Jeremy will provide leadership in the areas of metadata and  intellectual access, as they pertain to projects in the library, the Health System, and the University.  He brings to the library metadata expertise from cataloging photographic materials and sound recordings at the Library of Congress where he worked for the past ten years.  He also has experience mapping cross-walks for XML-based metadata conversion projects, and has a professional interest in linked data and the Semantic Web.

Jeremy has an M.L.I.S from Drexel University where he concentrated in digital librarianship.  He lives in Madison, Virginia, with his wife and three children.

Please feel free to contact Jeremy about projects related to indexing, database structure and design, controlled vocabularies and thesauri, and making your content more discoverable. He can be reached at

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