Copyright Issues Discussed Today at First Thursdays

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Copyright 201: Author’s Rights, Licensing, and Scholarly Communications

When: The next “First Thursdays” will happen on April 5th from 12-1
Where: The Lobby of The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Copyright 201: Author’s Rights, Licensing, and Scholarly Communications
. Authors now have more issues to consider than ever before in transferring rights to publishers. Open access, data preservation, NIH compliance, and a host of other issues affect rights and responsibilities in publishing scholarly and scientific work. At the next First Thursdays, Madelyn Wessel, Associate General Counsel at the University of Virginia, will discuss what copyright covers, what to look for when signing agreements with publishers, basic author compliance responsibilities, open access and open source, student theses and dissertation issues, as well as answer questions.

First Thursdays in the Library Series. During the 2011/12 school year, the Library will continue to offer the series “First Thursdays in the Library”. This year will have a slightly different focus than in the past. We plan to feature our own expertise in the areas of information, technology, or health topics. Our hope is that these topics will be of interest to you and will stimulate thought and discussion.

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