Health Sciences Library Implements a New Service Model

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Time is a valuable commodity to all of us.  Therefore, we are adopting a new consultation-based service model for in-depth reference assistance and training.  This model will ensure that you will always get the best-qualified person to assist you with your information needs and it will afford us lead time to prepare for the consultation.  Our Service Desk staff are still available 100 hours per week to answer questions, look up and find materials, and reserve group study rooms.  If you approach the Service Desk with a research question or training need, they will assist you in filling out a Consultation Request Form.

To expedite your request, you can either fill out a Consultation Request form ( or contact the following library faculty directly based on your affiliation or specific need.

Clinical Areas
Megan Nunemaker (

Medical Center Nurses and Administrators
Kelly Near (

School of Medicine (Education)
Karen Knight (

School of Nursing (Education)
Dan Wilson (

Andrea Denton (
Inhye Son (

Kimberley Barker (

Historical Collections & Services
Joan Klein (

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