Photoshop Support at the Library

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IMG_2481On November 6, 2013 I sat down with Jason Bennett, Web Designer Specialist at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, to talk about his role in providing support for Adobe Photoshop software.

What Photoshop support do you offer?

I teach free Photoshop classes that are designed for the beginner, the intermediate, and the researcher.  For the Intro class, I cover “digital literacy” along with the basic Photoshop tools.  Anyone with any interest in images will benefit from the Intro class.  The Intermediate class is designed for someone who has taken the Intro class, uses Photoshop regularly for their work, and would like to learn advanced techniques.  The Photoshop for Researchers class is specifically for someone who submits images for publication, as the class provides research-and-publication-appropriate examples of standards and requirements for digital image manipulation and refinement.  I also offer one-on-one consultations by appointment, and I am available to teach Photoshop to a group or department.

How do you teach Photoshop’s use of layers?

Layering is definitely one of the greatest benefits of using Photoshop.  On one hand, layering makes Photoshop such a deep and powerful program; conversely, it makes it difficult to conceptualize.  I teach layering by using slides.  Instead of a sequence of slides, I have one slide with multiple layers with different subjects on them, which promotes comfort with layers during the learning process.  Any trepidation about layering should disappear by the time someone completes the Intro class.

Is Photoshop available in the Library?

Photoshop is available on all computers in the Tolleson classroom and at the four scanning stations in the lobby.  Bring us your images on a flash drive and we’ll set you up at one of the computers.

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