Consolidated E-Journals and E-Books List

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The Health Sciences Library has always maintained selective lists of E-journals and E-books as aids to help users to find these online resources.  The Library recently consolidated these  lists onto one platform, so now both E-journals and E-books appear on the same page, with a separate tab for each list.  Both pages feature subject access, an A-Z title listing, and a search feature to look for a particular book or journal title, or just a general key word  search.  The consolidated lists will allow users to enter a query on one list and the query is automatically searched when the other tab is clicked on.  If you click on the “A” title list in E-journals and then switch to E-books, a list of book titles beginning with the letter “A” will be displayed.  A key word search for “hematology” on one list will automatically be executed when the other list tab is selected.  These lists are not intended to be a complete inventory of all E-journals and E-books, only those titles covering the health sciences, medicine, and nursing.  For a comprehensive list of all UVA E-Journals, use the FIND@UVA  journal finder.  For E-books on  any subject, VIRGO, the University of Virginia’s online catalog, is still the best resource to use.

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