Please don’t turn off the computers!

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In an age in which we all struggle to find ways to save natural resources, a request from the Library to leave computers ON may surprise you because it seems counter-intuitive to the practice of good environmental stewardship.

Here’s why we’re making that request: downloading and installing updates from Microsoft is an automated process that can span several hours, which is why the Library chooses to have it done overnight- the time least likely to interfere with your work. If the computers are turned off and don’t receive the updates during the night, other automated attempts will be made throughout the day (possibly during presentations, exams, in the middle of working on a paper) and the computer may even shut itself down with little warning- which might make you feel like this:

This guy is really, really angry.

This guy is really, really angry.

We absolutely don’t want you to feel that way, so please: don’t turn off any of the Library computers.

In an effort to make you feel more like this:

That's much better!

That’s much better!

here’s a list of the Library’s green practices:

  •    All public (and most staff) printers and copiers allow for double-sided printing
  •  Several large recycling bins (for both paper and plastic) are available throughout the Library
  •    All rooms which have only one door (such as the group study rooms and staff offices) have motion-sensors: after fifteen minutes of no movement, the lights are turned off automatically
  • The Library is working to upgrade the switches on which the computers currently operate. The new switches will be approximately 75% more energy-efficient than our current ones!

If you have thoughts on how the Library could do more to improve its green practices, please don’t hesitate to let us know (434-924-5444; But please: don’t turn off the computers!


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