Tilt Brush demo on Thursday, 1/19!

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The Library is very excited to host a demonstration by the Google Developer Group, Central Virginia, of Google’s wildly popular virtual reality app: Tilt Brush!

Offering artists both a limitless combination of brushes, colors, and even things like smoke and stars with which to create, Tilt Brush also breaks boundaries with the virtual landscape acting as a canvas that can stretch on forever.

A work by Aimi Sekiguchi, one of Google's Artists in Residence.

A work created in Tilt Brush by Aimi Sekiguchi, one of Google’s Artists in Residence.

And Tilt Brush doesn’t disappoint for viewers! Not only does this medium offer the opportunity to step into a piece of art and interact with it, but a setting in the app also allows viewers to witness the artist’s step-by-step creation process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Tilt Brush* for yourself!

When: Thursday, 1/19/2017; 1 PM- 2 PM
Where: The MILL (lower floor of the Library)

Questions? Contact the Library’s own member of the GDG, Anson Parker: adp6j@virginia.edu

* The Library owns both a VIVE headset and Tilt Brush; your Health System badge allows you access to both :)

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