Selected eBooks of Interest

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imagesDeadly River : Cholera and Cover-Up in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Ralph R. Frerichs

In October 2010, nine months after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti, a second disaster began to unfold—soon to become the world’s largest cholera epidemic in modern times. In a country that had never before reported cholera, the epidemic mysteriously and simultaneously appeared in river communities of central Haiti, eventually triggering nearly 800,000 cases and 9,000 deaths. What had caused the first cases of cholera in Haiti in recorded history?

imagesHow to Develop Your Healthcare Career : A Guide to Employability and Professional Development

Lisa E. Taylor

An informative guide to all key aspects of employability for graduating students, educators, managers, and qualified healthcare professionals. Written specifically for health professionals, focusing on their needs and the challenges they face, maximising employability potential, and managing career progression.



51mYFrabmWL._SX387_BO1,204,203,200_Healthy Places, Healthy People, 3rd Edition

Melanie C. Dreher, Lisa E. Skemp, and Susan P. Lehmann

Healthy Places, Healthy People (3rd ed.) provides everything that current and future nurses need to prepare, gather, organize, and analyze basic community information to create a public health strategy. A well-crafted strategy enables public health workers to effectively mobilize citizen action, working with groups and individuals to build capacity for health equity and, ultimately, a healthier future.



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