Data Services at the Health Sciences Library

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You’ve Got Data – We’ve Got Experts!
Whether you’re a beginning researcher or a seasoned expert, chances are if you’re doing research, you’ve got research data. And if you have data, you may reach a point where you need help or advice. That’s where Data Services at the Health Sciences Library (Data @ HSL) can assist you!

Personalized Assistance
Our Data Specialists, Marieke Jones and David Martin can help you with all aspects of working with research data, from:

  • Cleaning your data to ready it for analysis
  • “Wrangling” your data to transform it into its most useful form
  • Analyzing your data to discover trends and insights
  • Creating publication-worthy visualizations to best show your findings

Free Workshops
Looking for free, hands-on training? Watch for our roster of workshops in a wide range of statistical software packages such as R, RMarkdown, python, Jupyter notebooks, Stata, SAS, and SPSS. We’ll be announcing our Winter 2018 topics soon.

Learn More
To request a free consultation with our Data Specialists, just click on the D for Data Services from the HSL home page, or visit our Data Services page at While there, check out links to Workshops and Resources. We look forward to working with you and your data!

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