Four eServices Computers Removed Based on Data Collection

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At the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester, the Library received several patron requests to create more standing space for study and laptop use in the After Hours space through the removal of some of the eServices computers.

In August, in response to this request, the Library began taking hourly head counts to see how many of (and at what times) the 20 computers in the space were being used.

The data revealed that eServices computer usage was greatest between the hours of 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM, and that the highest usage at one time was 15. Based on this assessment, the Library removed four  of the computers to make more room for patrons wishing to use a raised desk. Data collection is on-going. If you have questions about this, or other data collection projects, please email Abbey Heflin

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!

Fall 2017 eservices usage





Fall 2017 eservices usage 2





Fall 2017 eservices usage 3





Fall 2017 eservices usage 4



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